Tue, Sep 27, 2016

Body by God

Unfortunately, due to a technical error, otherwise known as Marty (AKA Doofus), this past Sunday's message was not recorded properly. Thus, no audio. I am including my sermon manuscript and notes if you would like to read them. Please know, I write my manuscripts for my eyes only, meaning I don't pay attention to spelling and grammar; when I am preaching, my mind fills what was intended. So, do you best with what is presented here....Jesus left us with the promise that He would build His Church, and nothing could come against it. If that’s true, have you ever wondered why so many struggle making the church a weekly part of their schedule? But what if experiencing church was the most exciting, invigorating part of your week? What if you absolutely loved church? In this four-week series, I hope you’ll find out why you can say, “I love my church!

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